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Process and Warranties

Exceeding Expectations for over 100 Years

It’s simple. When you work with Premier Custom Window & Door, you’re working with professionals, people who put you first. We offer a superior product, a stress-free remodeling experience, and a guarantee backed by a company with over 100 years of experience.

We’re nothing like window brokers or dealers who buy windows from distributors or big box stores and resell them. We handle it all, one simple phone call from you is all it takes. Leave the rest to us. We’re the experts. We handle the details. And you’ll love our Five Star Red Carpet Installation! It’s designed to exceed expectations and has consistently earned the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

Certified Installation

Service & Reliability You Can Trust

Certified Window Masters™ and Five Star Red Carpet Installation program

Typically, it takes no training, licensing, permits or even experience to sell and install replacement windows. That’s not acceptable to us. We’re different. We pre-screen, hand select, hire, and train only skilled technicians and finish carpenters. We’re proud to say that the best installation and customer service representatives in the industry work right here, with us, on the Front Range.

Here's what we deliver:

    • We show up on time! Our lead Window Master technician meets with you and goes over every detail of the job.
    • We respect your time. You'll know exactly how long the work will take and exactly when our crews will show up and leave.
    • We protect your floors, furniture, and landscaping during installation.
    • We exceed industry installation standards and invite you to talk with our technicians and inspect their work as they go. We're ready to answer any questions or address any concerns along the way.
    • We inspect the work together when the job is finished. Each and every installed window and door is reviewed. We then ask that you grade our team and complete our independent customer satisfaction survey. Nothing but 10's will do!


A Longer Guarantee than the Life of Most Window Companies

Someone once said “a warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it”. For over 100 years Andersen has been America’s most trusted window company. We still stock parts for windows built in the 1940’s! Our guarantee lasts longer than most window companies have been in business!

Every Fibrex Andersen® window or door is custom made for your home. It comes directly from the factory with a serial number and toll-free telephone number to contact with any questions, comments, or concerns. We provide a fully transferable, non-prorated factory warranty as well as a warranty covering installation and anything else associated with your new windows and doors.

Installation Steps

Pre-installation: Measuring for a Custom Fit

All Fibrex Andersen® windows and doors are custom manufactured to fit your home perfectly. Before they’re ordered or installed, we send a technician to accurately measure each opening. Any installation variables like rot and mold are noted so the installers have what’s needed to professionally complete the job when your windows arrive.

Step One: A Window Workshop in a Truck

The installation truck rolls up. This truck is a self-contained workshop. Everything the installers need for your window or door project, including a power supply for their tools, is inside. They won't use your electricity, or drag any equipment onto your lawn.

Step Two: Protecting Your Home

The installers inspect the job site. They make sure they have all the tools and materials they need. They inspect your new replacement windows. If there is any damage, they’re returned and replaced with new ones. They carefully move any furniture, window treatments, or valuables away from the windows or doors (if you haven't already done so yourself). They lay drop cloths around inside work areas to protect your floors. They even wear booties to minimize tracking dirt or mud into your home.

Step Three: Removing Old Windows

Out with the old. Using a pry bar and hammer, the installers work together to remove your old windows. They insert a wood block beneath the pry bar to protect your drywall. Once loosened from the opening, they gently lift the old window out and place it on the ground.
Note: If your old window is made of aluminum, it will be recycled and the proceeds donated to charity. Old wood windows with ropes and pulleys may be donated to area schools for art projects.

Step Four: The Perfect Fit for Flawless Operation

In with the new. Your new windows are moved from the truck and set into the openings. Because a window or door must to be level to open and close smoothly, and your house may have settled over the years, creating an un-level opening, replacement windows are made slightly smaller than your original windows. It gives the installers wiggle room. If a window doesn’t sit just right, our installers will insert shims between the wall and the frame until the fit is perfect.

Once level, they make sure the individual sashes of the window operate properly and close tight. Then they screw your window into the studs of the house to prevent it from bending or bowing.

Step Five: Insulating From the Elements

There will be a small gap between your new replacement window and the frame of your house. Your installers fill this gap with insulating foam specially designed for Andersen FIBREX™ windows or doors. It gently expands and fills any space left from the installation. Once the foam is in place, your window will have an airtight seal that helps keep your energy costs down and your house at a comfortable temperature year round.

Step Six: Sealing the Deal

Although the foam insulates your home, your installer will cover it with precisely cut and bent aluminum trim coil manufactured to match the color of your windows. The trim coil is affixed to the window with durable caulk, also made to match your window color, and formulated to resist flaking, cracking, and mold growth.

Now your window has a weather tight seal. No water can seep under the window or trim coil to damage the underlying surface of your house ever again.

Step Seven: Unveiling New Windows

The final step. Each window is covered with a sheet of plastic to protect it during the staining or painting process, and during delivery. The plastic film is removed, and your installers clean each of your new replacement windows. They remove any fingerprints or dirt; shine the glass, and vacuum the window tracks. Then they vacuum the inside of your home, clean up any debris left outside, inspect your windows one more time, move your furniture back, and re-hang any blinds or curtains that were taken down.

When they're finished, you won't be able to tell they were ever there - except for your new windows or doors, of course!

Loan modificationLoan negotiations, Taxes, Debt settlement, Debt management
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